WILLIAM FAULKNER. That Evening Sun. MONDAY IS NO DIFFERENT from any other weekday in Jefferson now. The streets are paved now, and the telephone. THAT EVENING SUN GO DOWN. William Faulkner. Monday is no different from any other week day in Jefferson now. The streets are paved now, and the. Complete summary of William Faulkner’s That Evening Sun. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of That Evening Sun.

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I to be left alone in this big house while you take home a frightened Negro? Sometimes she said she was and sometimes she said she wasn’t any kin to Jubah. And that night, just before dark, Nancy came into the kitchen. Sometimes we would go a part of the way down the lane and across the pasture with her, to watch the balanced bundle and the hat that never bobbed nor wavered, even when she walked down into the ditch and climbed out again and eveniing through the fence. You were scairder than T.

Get on out faulknwr here, now, and let me get my kitchen straight again. She didn’t look at father now, but he looked down at her, at her long, limp, moving hands.

Lovelady and the child went away. Our toes curled away from the floor while we listened to the sound. The ditch was vague, thick, quiet. III Nancy looked at us. I reckon what I going to get ain’t no more than mine.

The popcorn will start in a minute. Salingerin his essay “A Salute to Whit Burnett ” the editor of Story MagazineBurnett was Salinger’s mentor whose class in short story writing at Columbia University he attended in and who was the first professional to faulner one of his storiessaid that it was Burnett’s use of “That Evening Sun Gone Down” in the class that taught him the importance of the author’s relationship with his “silent reader”.

For the film, see That Evening Sun film.

That was how she lost her teeth, and all that day they told about Nancy and Mr. Some critics argue that Quentin mirrors the changes progressive that have come to Jefferson and that he would do things differently while others suggest that Quentin remains the same, that he longs to return to a time when things were easier for southern aristocracy.

We came to the lane. But beyond this, there is another interesting corollary in regard to the title, one drawn from the text itself. Compson and the three tha escort her home in the evening. The kids, however, have no idea of what’s going on, and cannot understand Nancy’s fear.

That Evening Sun Summary –

This page was last edited on 22 Augustat Tell him we qilliam to have fun. Nancy has a confrontation with a white man named Mr. You could be right. She was speaking to father. We’ll have fun then. We looked at the ditch.

Nancy looked up at him. We walked down the lane. She lit the lamp and closed the door and put the bar up. Her estranged husband Jesus lives on the margins of both the African American and the white communities. Nancy thaf us how one morning she woke up and Jubah was gone. There was a light in mother’s faulkber and we heard father going down the hall, down the back stairs, and Caddy and I went into the hall. They could see her hands holding to the window bars, and a lot of them stopped along the fence, listening to her and to the jailer trying to make her shut up.

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But that was all. Nancy looked at Jason. The jailer cut her down and revived her; then he beat her, whipped her. They had a child, a little girl. And if you’d just let white men alone. Jo September 24, 3: Let us remember, as we ask ourselves these and other questions, that a child is taught to say a thing before he or she really understands its meaning.

One night we waked up, hearing the sound. And then about half the time we’d have to go down the lane to Nancy’s house and tell her to come on and get breakfast.

Probably got another wife by now and forgot all about you. While she was drinking, holding the cup in both hands, she began to make the sound again.


Nancy is an African-American washerwoman willoam for Quentin’s family since their regular cook, Dilsey, is taken sick. Stovall knocked her down, but she kept on saying, “When you going to pay me, white man? Tell her she can go on home. He looked at us.

The smell of the house was like the lamp and the smell of Nancy was like the wick, like they were waiting for one another to smell. Handy song, popular at the time the story was written, called Saint Louis Blues. Her eyes looked at us wklliam she sat wllliam, her elbows on her knees, holding the cup in both hands, looking at us across the wet cup, makin the sound.

Tell him I won’t need no pallet.

I reckon it belong to me. While it is evning course unnecessary for you to have read these other works in order to appreciate the story, some background gleaned from The Sound and the Fury in particular will help us to locate the story more firmly in history. It was a hog bone, with blood meat still on it, laying by the lamp.